Acadia Healthcare Company Inc (ACHC) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $530,600.00
Total insider sells:
  • $900,170,947.41
Most recent insider trade:
  • Sept. 7, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Reeve B Waud
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Sept. 7, 2022Director5,000$82.54Sell$412,700.00
Aug. 8, 2022EVP12,214$81.67Sell$997,517.38
Aug. 4, 2022CFO100$81.00Sell$8,100.00
Aug. 4, 2022EVP10,780$80.68Sell$869,730.40
July 29, 2022Director6,000$83.42Sell$500,520.00
March 12, 2021Director109,443$59.12Sell$6,470,270.16
June 12, 2020Director122,311$26.15Sell$3,198,432.65
Sept. 5, 2019CEO20,000$26.53Buy$530,600.00
Nov. 1, 2018Director41,865$45.00Sell$1,883,925.00
July 26, 2018Director8,135$45.00Sell$366,075.00
March 15, 2018Director7,698$42.03Sell$323,546.94
March 14, 2018VP400$41.47Sell$16,588.00
March 13, 2018Director42,302$42.02Sell$1,777,530.04
March 6, 2018Director200,000$39.02Sell$7,804,000.00
March 2, 2018Director150,000$38.67Sell$5,800,500.00
March 1, 2018VP960$38.47Sell$36,931.20
Dec. 15, 2017Director100,000$31.80Sell$3,180,000.00
Aug. 22, 2017EVP53,713$50.69Sell$2,722,711.97
Aug. 22, 2017CEO500,000$50.69Sell$25,345,000.00
Aug. 22, 2017Director984,075$50.69Sell$49,882,761.75
Aug. 22, 2017COO80,000$50.69Sell$4,055,200.00
Aug. 22, 2017President206,252$50.69Sell$10,454,913.88
Aug. 11, 2017Director2,000$51.71Sell$103,420.00
Aug. 3, 2017EVP16,762$52.47Sell$879,502.14
July 31, 2017Director1,240,000$51.72Sell$64,132,800.00
July 31, 2017Insider2,891$52.85Sell$152,789.35
July 5, 2017Director50,000$50.04Sell$2,502,000.00
June 22, 2017Director50,000$47.51Sell$2,375,500.00
June 16, 2017Director2,000$45.42Sell$90,840.00
June 14, 2017Director724,694$45.53Sell$32,995,317.82
June 9, 2017Director50,000$45.09Sell$2,254,500.00
May 4, 2017VP4,925$45.18Sell$222,511.50
May 1, 2017COO86,483$44.43Sell$3,842,439.69
March 8, 2017VP914$43.55Sell$39,804.70
Dec. 16, 2016Director28,000$34.58Sell$968,240.00
Dec. 14, 2016Director42,000$34.71Sell$1,457,820.00
Dec. 13, 2016Director14,000$35.10Sell$491,400.00
Dec. 12, 2016Director14,000$35.79Sell$501,060.00
Sept. 16, 2016Director1,360,977$48.52Sell$66,034,604.04
Sept. 16, 2016Major Shareholder457,443$48.39Sell$22,135,666.77
Sept. 13, 2016Director84,208$51.71Sell$4,354,395.68
Sept. 13, 2016Major Shareholder54,254$51.71Sell$2,805,474.34
Aug. 15, 2016CFO16,670$54.33Sell$905,681.10
Aug. 12, 2016COO14,604$52.50Sell$766,710.00
Aug. 8, 2016COO8,800$52.56Sell$462,528.00
Nov. 6, 2015Major Shareholder15,000$74.02Sell$1,110,300.00
Aug. 14, 2015Director2,400,001$80.47Sell$193,128,080.47
Aug. 14, 2015Major Shareholder1,635,457$80.47Sell$131,605,224.79
Aug. 14, 2015Insider2,351,137$80.47Sell$189,195,994.39
April 2, 2015CEO24,277$70.06Sell$1,700,846.62
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Acadia Healthcare Company Inc stock.

  • The insider traders at Acadia Healthcare Company Inc are: Reeve B Waud, Ronald Morgan Fincher, William Grieco, Reeve B. Waud, Christopher L Howard, Norman King Carter III, Karen Marie Prince, David M Duckworth, Brent Turner, Joey A Jacobs, Randall P Goldberg, Bruce A Shear, Robert Walton Swinson, Danny E Carpenter, Waud Capital Partners Ii, L.L., William M Petrie, Bruce Shear, Christopher Howard, David Duckworth, Debra K Osteen, Jack E Polson, Joey Jacobs, John S Hollinsworth, Scott Schwieger, Waud Capital Partners Iii, L.L, and Bain Capital Investors Llc

  • The most active insider trader at Acadia Healthcare Company Inc is Reeve B Waud with 16 trades.

  • Bain Capital Investors Llc has sold the most Acadia Healthcare Company Inc stock with a total value of $378,391,988.78.

  • Debra K Osteen has bought the most Acadia Healthcare Company Inc stock with a total value of $1,061,200.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Acadia Healthcare Company Inc was on Sept. 7, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Acadia Healthcare Company Inc was from Debra K Osteen with a total value of $530,600.00 on Sept. 5, 2019.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Acadia Healthcare Company Inc was from Reeve B Waud with a total value of $193,128,080.47 on Aug. 14, 2015.