Arch Capital Group Ltd (ACGL) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $21,296,729.12
Total insider sells:
  • $189,883,739.58
Most recent insider trade:
  • Aug. 15, 2022
Most active insider trader:
  • Mark Donald Lyons
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
Feb. 25, 2016CFO13,200$68.95Sell$910,140.00
Feb. 19, 2016COO30,000$68.62Sell$2,058,600.00
Feb. 12, 2016CFO7,500$67.40Sell$505,500.00
Nov. 23, 2015Insider4,555$73.86Sell$336,432.30
Nov. 13, 2015CEO18,156$73.81Sell$1,340,094.36
Nov. 11, 2015CEO25,700$74.41Sell$1,912,337.00
Nov. 2, 2015CEO10,000$74.95Sell$749,500.00
Oct. 30, 2015CFO11,000$76.00Sell$836,000.00
Sept. 8, 2015CFO5,800$69.20Sell$401,360.00
Sept. 3, 2015SVP3,456$68.96Sell$238,325.76
May 20, 2015CEO37,793$64.83Sell$2,450,120.19
May 5, 2015CFO8,000$61.71Sell$493,680.00
March 10, 2015CFO10,000$60.01Sell$600,100.00
March 2, 2015CEO100,000$59.31Sell$5,931,000.00
Feb. 12, 2015CFO25,000$59.67Sell$1,491,750.00
Dec. 8, 2014CEO60,000$58.90Sell$3,534,000.00
Nov. 10, 2014CFO14,000$57.16Sell$800,240.00
Nov. 10, 2014Insider42,000$57.18Sell$2,401,560.00
Nov. 5, 2014Director65,775$56.42Sell$3,711,025.50
Oct. 31, 2014CFO21,000$56.10Sell$1,178,100.00
Sept. 11, 2014SVP27,500$54.38Sell$1,495,450.00
Sept. 10, 2014CFO7,250$54.50Sell$395,125.00
Sept. 2, 2014Chairman39,960$55.47Sell$2,216,581.20
Aug. 4, 2014CFO28,500$54.28Sell$1,546,980.00
June 9, 2014CFO13,000$57.71Sell$750,230.00
June 2, 2014CEO15,000$57.05Sell$855,750.00
May 22, 2014CEO30,000$57.00Sell$1,710,000.00
May 5, 2014CFO20,500$56.87Sell$1,165,835.00
March 12, 2014SVP4,385$56.79Sell$249,024.15
March 12, 2014CEO4,296$57.25Sell$245,946.00
March 11, 2014CEO55,704$57.16Sell$3,184,040.64
March 7, 2014CFO4,500$56.90Sell$256,050.00
March 4, 2014CEO23,395$56.27Sell$1,316,436.65
March 3, 2014Insider72,000$55.55Sell$3,999,600.00
Feb. 28, 2014CEO30,000$56.19Sell$1,685,700.00
Oct. 30, 2013CFO26,000$57.81Sell$1,503,060.00
Sept. 5, 2013CFO10,000$53.18Sell$531,800.00
Aug. 16, 2013CEO7,207$53.51Sell$385,646.57
July 31, 2013CFO10,000$54.26Sell$542,600.00
June 6, 2013CFO7,000$51.00Sell$357,000.00
June 5, 2013SVP10,097$51.34Sell$518,379.98
Dec. 4, 2012Chairman149,092$44.59Sell$6,648,012.28
Dec. 4, 2012CEO149,032$44.61Sell$6,648,317.52
Nov. 26, 2012Director4,500$44.29Sell$199,305.00
Aug. 8, 2012CEO11,000$39.29Sell$432,190.00
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Arch Capital Group Ltd stock.

  • The insider traders at Arch Capital Group Ltd are: Mark Donald Lyons, Marc Grandisson, W Preston Hutchings, Constantine Iordanou, Louis T Petrillo, John D Vollaro, Francois Morin, Maamoun Rajeh, Brian S Posner, Nicolas Papadopoulo, John M Pasquesi, Yiorgos Lillikas, Andrew Rippert, Louis T. Petrillo, Louis Petrillo, Kewsong Lee, James J Meenaghan, and David Mcelroy

  • The most active insider trader at Arch Capital Group Ltd is Mark Donald Lyons with 36 trades.

  • Constantine Iordanou has sold the most Arch Capital Group Ltd stock with a total value of $56,699,301.52.

  • John M Pasquesi has bought the most Arch Capital Group Ltd stock with a total value of $39,955,498.24.

  • The most recent insider trade for Arch Capital Group Ltd was on Aug. 15, 2022.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Arch Capital Group Ltd was from John M Pasquesi with a total value of $19,977,749.12 on Nov. 11, 2021.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Arch Capital Group Ltd was from John M Pasquesi with a total value of $10,188,196.59 on May 29, 2019.