Ameris Bancorp (ABCB) Insider Trading

Total insider buys:
  • $2,797,836.80
Total insider sells:
  • $10,682,757.09
Most recent insider trade:
  • May 23, 2023
Most active insider trader:
  • Leo J Hill
Trader NameDateTitleAmountPriceTypeTotal Value
May 23, 2023Director7,490$33.38Buy$250,016.20
May 17, 2023Insider1,000$30.14Buy$30,140.00
May 15, 2023Insider10,000$29.65Buy$296,500.00
May 10, 2023CFO1,000$29.07Buy$29,070.00
May 10, 2023CEO10,000$29.25Buy$292,500.00
May 1, 2023Insider10,000$33.03Buy$330,300.00
March 10, 2023Director670$41.20Buy$27,604.00
Nov. 21, 2022Director1,120$51.87Sell$58,094.40
Nov. 7, 2022Insider3,000$51.96Sell$155,880.00
May 11, 2022CFO240$41.60Buy$9,984.00
Dec. 10, 2021Director973$48.65Sell$47,336.45
July 27, 2021CEO2,500$46.71Buy$116,775.00
Feb. 5, 2021EVP6,000$43.74Sell$262,440.00
Dec. 16, 2020Director8,000$38.64Sell$309,120.00
Dec. 16, 2020Director8,000$38.64Sell$309,120.00
Aug. 3, 2020Director1,500$23.44Buy$35,160.00
March 13, 2020CEO10,000$24.33Buy$243,300.00
March 13, 2020COO2,000$25.69Buy$51,380.00
March 12, 2020EVP850$23.67Buy$20,119.50
March 11, 2020Director5,000$24.31Buy$121,550.00
Feb. 4, 2020Director2,440$42.53Buy$103,773.20
Dec. 6, 2019Insider37,781$43.00Sell$1,624,583.00
June 11, 2019Director800$37.50Buy$30,000.00
Jan. 28, 2019Director500$36.69Buy$18,345.00
Aug. 24, 2018Director1,000$50.05Buy$50,050.00
Aug. 2, 2018Director2,000$48.38Buy$96,760.00
May 21, 2018Director6,800$56.60Sell$384,880.00
March 12, 2018Insider10,000$57.49Sell$574,900.00
March 7, 2018Insider20,336$56.41Sell$1,147,153.76
Feb. 28, 2018CEO10,000$53.58Sell$535,800.00
Feb. 14, 2018President823$53.15Sell$43,742.45
Feb. 2, 2018COO5,000$54.81Sell$274,050.00
Dec. 13, 2017Insider14,200$46.58Sell$661,436.00
Sept. 7, 2017Director1,000$42.75Buy$42,750.00
Aug. 1, 2017Director300$46.09Buy$13,827.00
June 8, 2017CAO3,200$46.00Sell$147,200.00
June 8, 2017CEO27,459$46.69Sell$1,282,060.71
May 31, 2017Director500$43.00Buy$21,500.00
May 16, 2017Director300$44.07Buy$13,221.00
May 8, 2017Director1,060$47.00Buy$49,820.00
May 4, 2017President5,204$47.23Sell$245,784.92
May 4, 2017EVP13,033$47.23Sell$615,548.59
May 4, 2017CEO14,578$47.37Sell$690,559.86
May 1, 2017COO15,000$47.38Sell$710,700.00
June 8, 2015CAO2,056$25.92Sell$53,291.52
June 5, 2015Director2,100$25.56Buy$53,676.00
May 6, 2015Director1,000$24.50Buy$24,500.00
May 4, 2015EVP4,500$24.72Sell$111,240.00
Oct. 29, 2014EVP11,733$24.38Sell$286,050.54
June 13, 2014Director2,747$21.78Buy$59,829.66
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  • Insiders are both buying and selling Ameris Bancorp stock.

  • The insider traders at Ameris Bancorp are: Leo J Hill, Elizabeth A Mccague, James A Lahaise, William I Jr. Bowen, Edwin W Hortman Jr, Jon S Edwards, H Palmer Proctor Jr, William Millard Choate, Jimmy Veal, Cindi H Lewis, Dennis J Zember Jr, Robert Dale Ezzell, William D Mckendry, Lawton E Bassett III, Nicole S Stokes, Jimmy D Veal, William Stern, Cindi Lewis, Jon Edwards, Jon S. Edwards, Leo Hill, Michael T Pierson, Robert P Lynch, Ross L Creasy, and Brooks Sheldon

  • The most active insider trader at Ameris Bancorp is Leo J Hill with 6 trades.

  • Edwin W Hortman Jr has sold the most Ameris Bancorp stock with a total value of $4,805,374.33.

  • H Palmer Proctor Jr has bought the most Ameris Bancorp stock with a total value of $945,075.00.

  • The most recent insider trade for Ameris Bancorp was on May 23, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider buy for Ameris Bancorp was from James A Lahaise with a total value of $330,300.00 on May 1, 2023.

  • The single biggest insider sell for Ameris Bancorp was from James A Lahaise with a total value of $1,624,583.00 on Dec. 6, 2019.