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"Although there are 6 million probes of Defense Department networks a day, successful intrusions have declined 46 percent in the past year because of a requirement that all DoD personnel log on to unclassified networks using Common Access Cards."

Lt. Gen. Charles Croom, AFCEA SpaceComm 2007 Conference


CoreStreet’s Validation Infrastructure provides the trust and security crucial to large-scale PKI initiatives, worldwide. Deployed by the US Department of Defense as part of the Robust Certificate Validation Service (RCVS), CoreStreet’s Validation Infrastructure uses Distributed OCSP, which eliminates performance, security, and scalability issues encountered with previous technologies.

With the CoreStreet Validation Authority and VA Responders, validation information is kept secure even on public networks. In fact, VA Responders can even be deployed within local networks to ensure that smart card logon and other important local operations are unaffected in the event of network outages or bandwidth constraints.

The following products can be configured for a specific (externally-hosted) validation infrastructure, including the RCVS, thus minimizing initial implementation time to mere minutes.

Additionally, each component can take advantage of CoreStreet’s MiniCRL data format. This format, which is supported by the RCVS, is the most efficient and cost-effective validation format for tactical, low-bandwidth, and comms-constrained environments.

Cryptographic smart card-based logon

Product: CoreStreet Server Validation Extension for Microsoft Domain Controller

The CoreStreet Server Validation Extension enables Microsoft Domain Controllers to use OCSP for certificate validation. This allows organizations to use the certificates stored on their smart cards for domain access.

Validating signed email in Microsoft® Outlook®

Product: CoreStreet Desktop Validation Client

Installed on user desktops, the CoreStreet Desktop Validation Client instantly validates digital certificate found in signed emails.

The CoreStreet Desktop Validation Client allows administrators to configure all options and security settings appropriate to their organization prior to rollout, and then push those settings to user desktops.

Validating signed email in Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Product: CoreStreet Server Validation Extension for Microsoft OWA

Installed on servers running Microsoft OWA, the CoreStreet Server Validation Extension validates digital certificates found in signed emails and presents that status information within the browser window.

Users need no software installed on their computers; they simply use their browser to log into OWA.

Validated access to certificate-based web servers

Product: CoreStreet Server Validation Extension for Microsoft IIS

The CoreStreet Server Validation Extension for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) allows web/applications servers to validate digital certificates prior to granting users access to protected resources.

The software contains a feature allowing administrators to create an install package that can be automatically pushed to each server.

Local validation responder implementation

Product: CoreStreet Responder Appliance 2400D

The Corestreet Responder Appliance 2400D (RA2400) is a turnkey, Distributed OCSP responder that requires little technical knowledge to install. They can be deployed at local facilities, tactical areas, and low bandwidth environments as a failover in the event of a loss of network connectivity.

Multiple appliances can be deployed to a location for additional capacity or redundancy.

Other PKI products

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