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Partner Sales Training Program


1050 17th Street NW
Suite 560
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: +1 202 296 0801

CoreStreet Sales Training CoreStreet Sales Training is held on a monthly basis. If you are interested in receiving training for CoreStreet products, please contact your account representative to be scheduled for our next session.

CoreStreet What Makes CoreStreet So Special
Our History and Patents
Our People and Focus on Validation
Early Victories that Make Us Famous
Our Vision: Past, Present, Future

Product Lines

CoreStreet Validation Suite

Distributed Validation – the three tiered architecture
The Distributed Components, AKA The Upsell
Certifications and Reference Accounts
Existing Programs and Selling Models

CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution

The Three Tiers of the CoreStreet PIVMAN Offering – a true solution sell
The Only “Comms-Out” Solution
Addressing the Standards for DHS, FEMA, PFPA, States
The DHS Demonstrations and Actual Deployments
Existing Programs and Selling Models

Convergence of Physical Access & IT Security

The Rationale and Drivers of HSPD-12 and HR1
What is CoreStreet PIVPAC Enroller and what does it do
CoreStreet Card-Connected Technology

Technical Q&A as needed

Sales Discussion

CoreStreet Supporting Your Sales Efforts
Our Sales Organization
Contract Vehicles
Marketing Support
Technical Support

Working together How best to leverage each others strengths
Programs we each bring to the table
Sales and sales people specific engagement models
Account discussions