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Business and Industry

Increasing security and productivity for businesses

CoreStreet Validation Infrastructure, available as a product and as a CoreStreet-enabled service, helps companies increase security by providing the means to check the digital signatures on electronic communications and transactions. By validating these digital certificates, companies are able to secure their Web applications, e-mail, and electronic documents. And with greater confidence in the security of these applications, organizations are able to streamline processes and reduce costs.

Product: CoreStreet Validation Authority related client-side applications

Increasing productivity and cutting costs industry-wide

These same advantages can be achieved when companies establish the infrastructure for trusted communications between multiple companies in an industry. Using the CoreStreet Path Builder System, individuals at companies can be sure that digital transactions and communications are exactly as the sender intended, never tampered with or compromised.

"...Current thinking within the industry is that use of digital signatures could help reduce the industry’s reliance on paper, estimated at costing the biopharmaceutical industry over $9 billion a year and the health care industry about $500 billion a year."
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Product: The Path Builder System™


CoreStreet products have been deployed worldwide to improve the security, scalability, and resiliency of IT infrastructure in some of the world's most security-conscious organizations.

For more information, contact CoreStreet, CoreStreet representatives, and CoreStreet partners. CoreStreet partners include technology companies and integrators who offer CoreStreet-Enabled products and services.

CoreStreet Validation Infrastructure is one of the CoreStreet products that is available as a CoreStreet-Enabled service. It is currently offered by Cybertrust.

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