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The CoreStreet Advantage

CoreStreet technology, along with CoreStreet-Enabled products and services from partners, OEMs, VARs, and integrators, brings about the convergence of physical and IT security systems. With CoreStreet, organizations can ensure that every important action is performed only by those individuals who are authorized to perform them, at that moment. Whether it's entering a secure location, logging onto a network with your smart credential, or checking your digitally signed email, CoreStreet establishes the critical trust and security in the transaction.

What is validation?

Two primary questions must be answered for all secure applications:

  1. "Are you who you say you are?" The process of answering this question is known as authentication.
  2. "You have proved to me who you are, but are you supposed to be doing what you're trying to do, right now?" The process of answering this question is known as validation.

CoreStreet technology offers both infrastructure and application solutions for credential validation in IT and physical security environments.

There are many situations in which a person’s credential, such as a smart card, may be legitimate, yet the person’s privileges may have changed, for example, if an employee is terminated but does not return her smart card, her card is authentic (she is who her card says she is and the card is real), but she should no longer be allowed into her old office building, or onto corporate networks. In the past, preventing this type of intrusion has proven difficult and expensive, given the minimal overlap between physical and IT infrastructures. Today, CoreStreet is making single-credential security possible by creating a common link between the two systems.

  • Public Key Infrastructure

    CoreStreet’s certificate validation technology is currently deployed by the US Department of Defense and other security conscious organizations, public and private, around the globe. The technology is designed to validate the credentials of individuals as they interact with their secure IT applications, including digitally signed email and secure forms. In doing so, users and administrators can have the highest level of trust in their secure communications and transactions.

    Based on the work of Dr. Silvio Micali, a world-renowned cryptographer and MIT professor, CoreStreet PKI technology, enables credential validation quickly in both online and offline environments. Examples of credential types include smart cards, ePassports, and drivers licenses. Learn more about CoreStreet’s Public Key Infrastructure solutions.

  • Physical access control

    CoreStreet's Card-Connected technology powers physical security products from leading vendors. By integrating CoreStreet technology, OEMs and VARs deliver solutions to their customers that increase the scope of any physical access system by allowing centralized management of both wired and standalone locations. From headends and readers, to computers and networks, CoreStreet enables one-card access to all systems.

    Based on patented technology, CoreStreet-Enabled physical access systems represent a revolutionary approach to security, by utilizing today’s advanced smart cards to act as a network between wired and standalone locations. Learn more about the technology and about CoreStreet-Enabled products from leading vendors.

  • Mobile Identity Verification

    The CoreStreet PIVMAN solution is a system for checking secure government IDs such as the government issued smart cards, ePassports, or drivers licenses in locations where network connectivity is either unavailable or difficult to obtain. With the CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution, federal and local agencies can establish immediate checkpoints around any incident, in order to validate the identities and privileges of entering individuals.

    Consisting of handhelds, desktops, and servers, the CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution is an end-to-end mobile identity verification solution that requires no network connectivity in order to check the validity of a credential. Applications include incident response, natural disaster, and border control. Learn more about the CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution.

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