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ActivIdentity Introduces PKI Secure Mobile Solution for Smart Phones

FIPS 201-Compliant Solution for Enterprise and Government Users to be Presented at WES 2010 for BlackBerry Users in Orlando, Florida

Fremont, Calif., Apr 27, 2010 - ActivIdentity Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTI), a global leader in strong authentication and credential management, today introduced a new solution to provision public key infrastructure (PKI) and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201-compliant credentials onto BlackBerry® smart phones. Using a secure microSD™ card, ActivIdentity enables BlackBerry users to sign secure emails digitally or provide two-factor authentication when remotely accessing protected network (Web) portals.

ActivIdentity's new mobile security solution will be shown at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) 2010 for BlackBerry Users Tuesday – Thursday, April 27 – 29, 2010 at the Orlando World Center Marriot & Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.

For mobile professionals whose organizations have issued credentials for Personal Identity Verification (PIV), PIV-Interoperable (PIV-I), PIV-Compatible (PIV-C), and other smart cards, many mandatory digital transactions become impossible on a BlackBerry without some way to link or embed a smart chip and credential to the phone. ActivIdentity's new mobile credential and authentication solution allows smart card credentials to be issued to a secure microSD residing in a BlackBerry smart phone’s expandable microSD card slot. The solution enables PKI to work natively at full strength on the smart phone.

"We're excited to be showing this new secure mobile solution into the BlackBerry user community, and to demonstrate how it enables end users to secure their communications and leverage their smart phone to its fullest potential," said Jerome Becquart, vice president of products and services at ActivIdentity. "This new solution represents the next major milestone in ActivIdentity’s evolving secure mobile strategy for the enterprise and commerce."

In February 2009, ActivIdentity initiated support for strong mobile authentication including PC soft tokens, Web tokens, mobile tokens and one-time passwords (OTP) via SMS. With the release of its new mobile credential and authentication solution, ActivIdentity also supports secure mobile phone PIN management, as well as one-time password generation for remote access, without the need to carry a token. With ActivIdentity’s solution, government agency employees can also leverage their existing FIPS 201-compliant credentials without adding complexity to how they use their smart phones.

Today's announcement represents the next stepping stone in the company's mobile security strategy, to make the smart phone an ubiquitous authentication device in the enterprise, allowing controlled access to Web-based applications and secure access to data and applications from the local network, as well as functioning as an access device or badge to enter buildings. The same smart phone can be leveraged for mobile banking, merchant transactions, and e-commerce.

Today ActivIdentity is simultaneously launching the PKI Secure Mobile Solution beta program. To participate, please send requests to .

About ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTI) is a global leader in strong authentication and credential management, providing solutions to confidently establish a person's identity when interacting digitally. For more than two decades the company's experience has been leveraged by security-minded organizations in large-scale deployments such as the U.S. Department of Defense, Nissan, and Saudi Aramco. The company's customers have issued more than 100 million credentials, securing the holder's digital identity. ActivIdentity is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit

About CoreStreet – An ActivIdentity Company

Every day, the world’s most demanding government and commercial enterprises rely on CoreStreet technology to authorize critical events, ranging from signed communications and transactions to physical access. More information is available at


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