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MaxID Corp and ActivIdentity Subsidiary CoreStreet Land Second Sale of Handheld TWIC Readers to the United States Coast Guard

Sizeable Step-Up in Unit Deployment for TWIC Enforcement Program at US Ports - TWIC / PIV Enforcement by United States Coast Guard

Pleasanton, Calif. / Fremont, Calif., Apr 20, 2010 - MaxID, a leading provider of identity solutions and CoreStreet, an ActivIdentity subsidiary and a leader in credential validation solutions, today announced the sale of additional iDLMaxG Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) accredited handheld biometric reader devices to the United States Coast Guard.

The iDLMaxG units delivered to the US Coast Guard are bundled with the CoreStreet PIVMANTM client software, which provides a TWIC-compatible solution that has been in operational use for more than three years in the DoD, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), various states, and is on the FIPS 201 Approved Products List.

The United States Coast Guard is mandated with the enforcement of the TWIC program. "We are delighted that the United States Coast Guard has dramatically stepped up their deployment of the iDLMax-G handheld units in the field for TWIC enforcement and moved beyond the testing phase. The device, in combination with the PIVMAN software from CoreStreet is the most effective tool at their disposal as the carry out their mission to enforce the Maritime Act and the requirements for validating TWIC cards for movements in and out of the ports" said Brian Skiba, vice president of product development and corporate strategy at MaxID.

"The CoreStreet PIVMAN software offers unique functionality for mobile authentication and validation of PIV, CAC, FRAC, TWIC and Seafarer ID cards in communications-out situations," said John Bys of CoreStreet. "Combining our software with MaxID's multi-modal handheld devices provides customers with a pre-eminent, robust solution."

The iDLMaxG is a multi-modal, rugged mobile computer that offers a complete set of features - including QWERTY keyboard, contact card, contactless card, barcode, optical fingerprint, and optional magnetic swipe and MRZ readers with a digital camera, GPS, and comprehensive communications capabilities. The iDLMaxG is a complete, integrated mobile solution for all badging and identity management requirements. When users need to read TWIC, SID, CAC, PIV, PIV-I, FRAC cards, passports, driver's licenses as well as use the other on-board biometric functions to verify identity, the iDLMaxG does it all in a light, compact, easy-to-use form factor. The iDLMaxG is built in the United States.

About MaxID Corporation

MaxID Corp is a leading provider of identity and security solutions. It designs, manufactures and sells identity management solutions for a mobile environment. The company is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, and has offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.
MaxID Corp maintains a global research and development team that has more than 20 years experience introducing new technologies. The company's most advanced biometric handheld devices are manufactured in the United States and are distributed worldwide. More than 25,000 identity devices are being deployed worldwide by customers such as the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Homeland Security, border and law enforcement agencies, and power generation and maritime facilities. For more information about MaxID Corp, please refer to the website

About ActivIdentity

ActivIdentity Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTI) is a global leader in strong authentication and credential management, providing solutions to confidently establish a person's identity when interacting digitally. For more than two decades the company's experience has been leveraged by security-minded organizations in large-scale deployments such as the U.S. Department of Defense, Nissan, and Saudi Aramco. The company's customers have issued more than 100 million credentials, securing the holder's digital identity. ActivIdentity is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit

About CoreStreet – An ActivIdentity Company

Every day, the world’s most demanding government and commercial enterprises rely on CoreStreet technology to authorize critical events, ranging from signed communications and transactions to physical access. More information is available at


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