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Press Release

CoreStreet Opens the PIVMAN System to Third Party Solution Providers

Baywood Technologies to Integrate PIVMAN into Access Control System Developed for the Port of Jacksonville

Cambridge, Mass.— September 10, 2007 — CoreStreet, Ltd., a leader in software for credential and convergence programs, has opened its PIVMAN System to security vendors looking to enhance their access control solutions. The first to take advantage and develop an application is Baywood Technologies, a leading supplier of customized business software applications and services for port and military access management. Baywood is using the PIVMAN mobile credential validation solution as a key component in its Port Access Control System (PACS).

Baywood is currently deploying PACS for the Port of Jacksonville, Fla., which requires a security solution that validates both locally-issued identification cards as well as those issued by the federal government that follow the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS-201) specification.

“The Port of Jacksonville needed a system that not only read its own legacy smart cards, but also the cards currently being deployed by federal agencies. PIVMAN gives us a platform through which we can give authorized individuals immediate access to the areas they need to be while still maintaining tight control on security,” said Evan Schwartz, vice president of IT with Baywood Technologies.

“The PIVMAN System is being used by first responders around the country and by a number of federal, state and local agencies in the National Capitol Region,” said John McGeachie, vice president of engineering at CoreStreet. “By opening access to third party solution providers, we are ensuring that the system will benefit the widest possible audience and also create a platform by which smart cards become more than just expensive 'flash badges.'”

PIVMAN 2.3: Tested by the Department of Homeland Security

The PIVMAN System consists of software for handheld devices and backend servers that manage credential status and privilege attribution across large credential populations. It has been a key feature in a number of Department of Homeland Security demonstrations and exercises including the Summer Breeze demonstration in July.

“Summer Breeze demonstrated that FIPS 201 technology cards such as the First Responder Authentication Card are widely accepted and a reality,” added Schwartz. “We’re no longer testing whether we should roll them out — we’re starting to integrate and use them in active, live and large-scale facilities.”

Latest Features in PIVMAN 2.3

The ability to handle additional applications is part of the latest version of PIVMAN. Version 2.3 includes the following additional upgrades:

  • Extensibility to integrate third party applications with the PIVMAN system;
  • The ability to log into the PIVMAN handheld with a smartcard;
  • The ability to add custom annotations at credential scan time;
  • Enhanced administration capabilities; and
  • Enhanced support for legacy credentials such as drivers licenses.

Pricing and Availability

The latest version of the PIVMAN System is available today from CoreStreet and a number of resellers and partners. The System can be configured in a number of ways to meet the needs of various deployment types. A starter package for validating credentials is available for $24,950. This package includes two handhelds, a PIV Management Station and one year of support. For more information on the PIVMAN System, email or contact your CoreStreet representative.

About CoreStreet

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