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Media Coverage from 2009

Bank Info Security
Using PIV cards for physical access
Interview of Bob Dulude and Todd Freyman , Nov 2009
Bank Info Security
RSA Conference 2009: Technology & Security Vendor Interviews
Tom Field interviews Chris Broderick, May 2009
Security Info Watch
Understanding card-connected access control systems
By Todd Freyman, May 2009
SecureID News
CoreStreet announces new products, partnerships at ISC West
SecureIDNews, April 2009

Media Coverage from 2008

Citizen ID projects: the challenge of making credentials work
By John Bys
ISSE Madrid, October 2008
Click here to view presentation.

CSO Magazine
Case Study: Protection Joe's Office
By Michael Fitzgerald
Summer 2008
"But for Joe, with his new building, he's opted for the CoreStreet Card-Connected system, which combines physical access and IT systems, and uses the employees' smart cards themselves as a way to continually update access information."
Convergence Q&A: The ISCWest Report
By Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS, III
Summer 2008
"The most noteworthy technology introduction that I came across [at ISCWest]...The technology - Card-Connected Access Control -"
By Chris Corum
Summer 2008
"CoreStreet 'card-connected' access control model merges online and offline security worlds"
From Door to Data
By Russ Gager
April 2008
“Check out the sidebar on "Integrating Stand-Alone Locks”
Case Studies
March 2008
"County in Pennsylvania uses CoreStreet PIVMAN Solution"

Media Coverage from 2007
Marriage of Convenience
By Mark Diodati
September 2007
“Integrating physical and logical security can bring many benefits to the enterprise, but a successful union isn't easy.”
The logic behind physical-access controls
By David Essex
23 July 2007
“Unified security systems help manage threats, whether it’s a hacker in China or a shady visitor at the front gate”
SecureID News
CoreStreet's PIVMAN System receives FIPS 201 approval
20 June 2007
PIVMAN is the fourth CoreStreet product listed on the Approved Product List.
Pod Tech
CoreStreet PIVMAN Controls Access
24 May 2007
The PIVMAN System by CoreStreet Ltd., allows authorized personnel the ability to control access to any site.
PIVMAN selected as finalist for Breakthrough Award
21 May 2007
“PIVMAN System for Secure ID Checking Honored at CardTech SecurTech Annual Conference”
Phil Libin, Getting real
By William Jackson
7 May 2007
GCN editor, Bill Jackson, interviews on the implication of Real ID
Talking About IT
European e-ID Card Conference Interview with Salvatore A. D'Agostino
27 April 2007
discusses the importance of global smart credential programs in this video interview
Compatibility dictates rollout of emergency responder, port IDs
By Aliya Sternstein
12 April 2007
Military Information Technology
Perspective: Real ID is bad? Compared to what?
By Michael Burnett
10 April 2007
“A company called CoreStreet has developed a handheld solution that enables military service members to meet HSPD-12 standards and verify FIPS 201 access cards.”
Cnet News
Perspective: Real ID is bad? Compared to what?
5 April 2007
CoreStreet's President gives his perspective on ways to improve REAL ID
U.S. DoD taps CoreStreet for enterprise-wide credential validation deployment
3 April 2007
The U.S. Department of Defense has selected the CoreStreet Validation Authority to deploy enterprise-wide
IT Conversations
Jon Udell's Interviews With Innovators
26 March 2007
Jon Udell interviews CoreStreet's
Business 2.0
Super Marketing
By Monica Heger
March 2007
CoreStreet picked an unusual strategy to build buzz for its emergency response gadget -and potential customers are hooked.
DHS Winter Storm Trial Validates FIPS 201 compliant FRAC cardse
27 February 2007
The PIVMAN handheld from CoreStreet was used to validate the First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC), at the recent Department of Homeland Security's Winter Storm test.
GSN's Homeland Security Insider
Comic books, but no jokes
20 February 2006
The PIVMAN comic books illustrate in clear and compelling ways how the PIVMAN software, along with its accompanying handheld device, could help first responders.
Cybertrust, CoreStreet launch government smart card credential validation service
15 February 2007
Two companies specializing in security have banded together to offer a service aimed at validating FIPS-201 compliant smart cards
Card Technology
CoreStreet wins Pentagon Force Protection Agency HSPD-12 contract
2 February 2007
“CoreStreet has won a major contract from the Pentagon Force Protection Agency to deploy the PIVMAN system to control access at leased Department of Defense buildings and facilities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.”
Pentagon deploys handheld PIVMAN system to validate FIPS 201 IDs
By Chris Corum
29 January 2007
PFPA officers will use Corestreet's PIVMAN identity verification units to authenticate individuals via their FIPS 201 compliant ID cards.
Security Dreamer
Object Video Stumbling And Other Predictions for 2007
6 January 2007
CoreStreet's new management and sharpened focus will push the company to solid revenue growth with first responder solutions and the coolest access control solution on the market.

Media Coverage from 2006

Security Document World
PIVMAN System to be deployed in LA
19 December 2006
“CoreStreet's PIVMAN System has been selected for the City of Los Angeles Urban Area Security Initiative, where it will be deployed with SuperCom's mobile credentialing system.”
Homeland Security Daily Wire
Corestreet's PIVMAN breaks into the muncipal market
18 December 2006
As part of its Urban Area Security Initiative, the city of Los Angeles has recently teamed up with CoreStreet to deploy the company's PIVMAN mobile credentialing system.
Card Technology
ID Vendor Briefs
14 December 2006
CoreStreet to supply the PIVMAN System to the City of Los Angeles
New York Times
Vista Renews PC Industry Hopes
13 December 2006
CoreStreet's VP of Engineering discusses Vista's effects
Yahoo! Finance
CoreStreet and SuperCom deploy PIVMAN in Los Angeles
29 November 2006
Network Computing
Analysis: Physical/Logical Security Convergence
By Jeff Forristal
23 November 2006
While rivals are focusing on offerings to assemble a converged infrastructure, CoreStreet is looking down the road to ways an organization can use that infrastructure.
PIVMAN from CoreStreet provides mobile verification of government IDs
By Andy Williams
8 November 2006
“CoreStreet, calls its new product, “the first visible end user application to take advantage of smart cards” that have been issued to verify personal identity.”
Digital Identity Forum
Podcast: PKI, PIV and the Adventures of PIVMAN
By Dave Birch
1 November 2006
A conversation with CoreStreet's Jon Shamah about US credentialing and its impact on Europe and beyond.
Your new ID card
By Stephen Losey
16 October 2006
New smart cards that will be dispensed by agencies Beginning Oct. 27, can be used for a lot more then just gaining access to a building or computer system.
Vendor consortium formed to guide agencies in HSPD-12 compliance and operation
4 October 2006
CoreStreet, a member of the HSPD-12 Interoperability Consortium, is helping to provide clarity around HSPD-12 compliance
Government Security
Latest Security Technologies At Maritime Expo
By Jacqueline Emigh
1 October 2006
PIVMAN provides accurate IDs of emergency responders from multiple organizations.
CoreStreet's PIVMAN System used in DHS maritime demonstration
25 September 2006
Port officials recently saw up close and personal the role CoreStreet's handheld PIVMAN ID checker could play in reading and verifying FIPS 201-compliant smart cards.
New Smart Card Alliance White Paper Gives Government Agencies Tools to Begin Implementing FIPS 201 Compatible PACS Systems
25 September 2006
CoreStreet works with the Smart Card Alliance to develop whitepaper on FIPS 201 PACS migration.
CoreStreet Product Checks Smart Card Credentials
21 September 2006
CoreStreet has introduced a product called PIVMAN designed to check the identification credentials on smart cards.
Security Info Watch
PIVMan Takes a Step Beyond FIPS
18 September 2006
“Corestreet Ltd. recently released the PIVMan, a handheld card reader system that validates and authenticates a variety of credentials in the field, with or without an available network connection.”
Network World
Federal agencies scramble to meet security deadline
By Elen Messmer, Network World
18 September 2006
“CoreStreet, for example, last week announced Pivman System, a handheld mobile device intended as a PIV and Defense Department card reader to be used by government personnel responding to emergencies.”
PIV for first responders
By Brad Grimes, GCN Staff
18 September 2006
“The PIVMAN is a mobile identification checking system that supports the federal government’s new FIPS-201-standard Personal Identity Verification cards, plus a slew of others.”
Homeland Security Daily Wire
CoreStreet unveils first HSPD-12 authentication application
15 September 2006
“Cambridge, Massachusetts-based CoreStreet, already in thick of HSPD-12 infrastructure development, announced this week the availability of its PIVMAN credential authentication system.”
Check out Corestreet's unique marketing with Adventures of PIVMAN comic
13 September 2006
“At SecureIDNews, we usually try to steer clear of blatant promotion of a company's marketing ... but in this case we couldn't help it.”
Secure Document World
CoreStreet launches PIVMAN system
12 September 2006
CoreStreet has launched the PIVMAN System, which is designed to meet the requirements of US Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201).
Mobile Smart Card Reader Released by CoreStreet
12 September 2006
PIVMAN is a handheld device, allowing law enforcement agencies setting up perimeters at disaster sites to check the identities of emergency response workers
CoreStreet's PIVMAN System delivers secure ID checking for government smart credentials
12 September 2006
CoreStreet has announced the release of its PIVMAN System that includes a handheld device that can read all FIPS 201 compliant cards.
CoreStreet releases mobile smart card reader
By Grant Gross, IDG News Service
12 September 2006
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has used the PIVMAN System in four recent exercises.
Superman, Batman…PIVMAN?
11 September 2006
Security company CoreStreet has published a series of comic books to promote its PIVMAN mobile personal identity verification (PIV) card reader.
Agencies, industry ramp up HSPD-12 efforts
25 August 2006
Late August has seen a flurry of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 activity.
Washington Technology
Who's on first?
7 August 2006
Chris Broderick joins CoreStreet, Ltd. as CEO
A security association worth associating with
By Brad Grimes & Joab Jackson
2 August 2006
The Open Security Exchange is developing a roadmap for convergence of physical and IT security.
Interoperability is an access problem
31 July 2006
Agencies are looking to industry for guidance in implementing systems that will leverage new HSPD-12 PIV cards.
Achieving Security by Tying Identities to Digital Assets
By Fran Howarth
17 July 2006
This initiative from the pharmaceutical industry is just one example of how emerging technologies such as federated identity management and DRM can be used to help organisations achieve efficiency goals.
Identity to Become the Key Technology Focus
5 July 2006
“By 2020 digital identities will have a significant impact on the daily lives of the world's population.”
Healthcare exec talks security
By Wade-Hahn Chan
3 July 2006
Several information security companies are collaborating to help agencies comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12.
Security Document World
CoreStreet Names New CEO
29 June 2006
Smart credential software provider CoreStreet has appointed Chris Broderick as its new CEO.
CR 80 News
Card-based PKI to better secure doctor's communications
28 June 2006
“The SAFE framework gives companies the ability to sign regulatory and commercial transactions in a legally enforceable way that is much faster and simpler.”
Security Park
The Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council Helps With FIPS 201 Implementation for Physical Access Control
6 June 2006
The Physical Access Council is on a great path, providing invaluable tools for government agencies implementing physical access control systems that meet federal requirements like FIPS 201.
Secure ID News
Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council Announces First Year Successes, New Officers, Upcoming Initiatives
5 June 2006
CoreStreet's joins the Smart Card Alliance Physical Access Council Steering Committee
Network World
Healthcare exec talks security
By Ellen Messmer
25 May 2006
Pfizer's IT director discusses the SAFE Bio-Pharma bridge.
Defogging Identity-Based Access Control
24 May 2006
CoreStreet offers a simple explanation of a complex new concept that’s changing physical access control
Information Week
Eight Security Vendors Well Worth Knowing
15 May 2006
“CoreStreet offers a validation system that integrates digital identities for both network and physical access, letting companies lock their doors using the same lists they use for network access”
Dark Reading
10 Security Vendors You've Never Heard Of
30 April 2006
“CoreStreet's technology lets companies lock their doors using the same access lists they use to restrict network access, eliminating the cost and complexity of managing separate systems.”
Next Generation Pharmaceutical
In Safe Hands
28 April 2006
“Tech companies like IBM, Adobe and CoreStreet are already developing the SAFE compliant products that the drug industry’s doctors, researchers and scientists will use to send, receive and, crucially, ‘digitally sign’ documentation.”
Government Executive
Industry Officials Discuss Plans for Meeting Federal ID Standards
By Michael Martinez
19 April 2006
“Security and technology experts...discussed strategies that private manufacturers can implement to meet federal standards for government identification cards and security systems.”
SIA and Corestreet Debut New FIPS 201 Compliance Report
28 March 2006
SIA Partners With CoreStreet for IT and Physical Security Report
22 March 2006
“This report is the ideal executive summary of FIPS 201”
CoreStreet to Provide Validation Technology for Global Biopharmaceutical Initiative; Annual Industry Savings of $200 Million Projected as Industry Implements SAFE-BioPharma Digital Identity
13 February 2006

Media Coverage from 2005

Bio.IT World
IT and Informatics Weekly New Product Roundup
By Salvatore Salamone
9 November 2005
“...Announced they will develop SAFE-enabled products and applications that would give life science companies a way to securely share information and ensure that FDA and other regulatory requirements are met when data is shared.”
SAFE-Biopharma Association Announces First Companies to Participate in its Newly Launched Vendor Partner Program
29 December 2005
“Adobe, Arcot Systems, CoreStreet, nCipher, IBM, and Kyberpass are the first to participate..."”
Lehman Brothers
Security Concerns, Tech Shifts = Growth (excerpt)
By Jeffrey T. Kessler, Scott Schneeberger, and Manav Patnaik
10 November 2005
“CoreStreet is a leading provider of products and solutions for identity management and access control, involving control of physical and logical access to buildings, computer networks, applications and devices.”
Pros and Cons of Biometrics
5 November 2005
“The field of biometrics is a polarizing and controversial topic, with multiple voices debating the advantages and merits of the technology.”
GENNETT SA Partners with CoreStreet to Bring Single-Credential Security Solutions to Southeastern Europe
3 November 2005
SDM Magazine
Two Companies Converging on Physical and IT Security
1 November 2005
Global IDentification Magazine
Bringing Convergent Security Products to the Commercial Sector [pdf]
October 2005
This article appeared in the “Airport Security” section of the October issue.
Portable ID Readers Will Become More Prevalent [pdf]
31 October 2005
“At the end of the day, you are moving from a visual world to a validated, electronically confirmed world.”
GENNETT SA Partners with CoreStreet to Bring Single-Credential Security Solutions to Southeastern Europe.
31 October 2005
GENNETT SA Partners with CoreStreet to Bring Single-Credential Security Solutions to Southeastern Europe.
31 October 2005
GENNETT SA Partners with CoreStreet to Bring Single-Credential Security Solutions to Southeastern Europe.
31 October 2005
Transportation's response to Katrina
20 October 2005
Read the Q & A with CoreStreet's on the response to Hurricane Katrina.
Changing Channels [pdf]
3 October 2005
Security Magazine
Role Playing; Rule Making
1 October 2005
“Ask any security director in a mid-to-large company about centrally controlling and managing doors, and they'll probably answer with something along the lines of.”
Government Security
Plan ahead to maximize benefits to HSPD-12 investment
By David Belchick
1 October 2005
"Few initiatives have affected as many individuals in as many agencies. Certainly, the card is the most visible part of this initiative, aiming to bring about the convergence of physical and IT security."
Birth of the Business Blog
27 September 2005
The Threat With the Most Disaster Potential
By Bill Brenner
21 September 2005
“As anyone living in the security world knows, it's getting harder to separate physical security from cyber and other issues.”
Global PR Blog Week 2.0
Adding Your Voice to the Conversation. Why CEOs Should Blog
By Jeneane D. Sessum
19 September 2005
“As anyone living in the security world knows, it's getting harder to separate physical security from cyber and other issues.”
ID World
Omnikey and CoreStreet Partner on FIPS 201 Compliance
By Jeneane D. Sessum
19 September 2005
“The companies worked jointly to develop the bundled solution, drawing on Omnikey's expertise in card reader technology and CoreStreet's validation technology.”
SecureID News
OMNIKEY Bundles Smart Card Readers with CoreStreet Validation Technology for FIPS 201 Compliance
16 September 2005
RFID Journal
Indala, CoreStreet Combining Products
16 September 2005
Wireless Design & Development Asia
Strategic Partnership Develops CoreStreet-Enabled Modules for Converged Products
12 September 2005
SecureID News
OSE Stresses Physical and Logical Convergence at ASIS
9 September 2005
6 smart ways to use smart credentials
By Florence Olsen
5 September 2005
Network World
DOD Looks to Put Pizzazz Back in PKI
By Ellen Messmer
15 August 2005
“The U.S. military has started the process of making critical changes to its public-key infrastructure.”
A Conversation with CoreStreet's About Physical and Virtual Security
By Jon Udell
19 July 2005
speaks with Jon Udell on the future of unified physical and logical security
Listen to the entire audio interview [19MB, mp3]
CRM Buyer
German Law Paves Way for RFID Passports
By Gene J. Koprowski
14 July 2005
As Germany moves forward with its smartcard-based passport program, many are concerned about the privacy and security implications surrounding such initiatives.
Security Info Watch
Lower Costs, Bigger Benefits
By Ray Bernard
5 June 2005
“IT Company Revolutionizes Physical Security--CoreStreet Ltd. of Cambridge, MA, uses established IT security technologies (PKI-based digital signatures and messaging that follow related IT standards) in a unique patented architecture for smart card-based access control systems. The benefits derive from using the cardholders as the network and using access control smart cards to carry system messages.”
ID World
Secure Validation - Anytime, Anywhere [pdf]
By Mark Lockie
June 2005
An "e-passports" interview with CoreStreet president .
Technology Alarmism in Spades
17 May 2005
CoreStreet's writes about concerns surrounding the recent EPIC Homeland Security ID Card report.
Goverment Security
Validating DoD
By Michael Fickes
1 May 2005
“The Department of Defense (DoD) may have overcome a major barrier to implementing a secure, government-wide credential for physical and logical access...”
The Identity Standard
25 April 2005
CoreStreet's Vice President discusses the security and privacy implications of the FIPS 201 specification.
Compliance: A Horse is a Horse
By Dave Kearns
18 April 2005
Washington Times
Wireless World: Smart-cards Vs. RFID Tags
By Gene J. Koprowski
1 April 2005
"Very soon, international travelers will be able to breeze through customs checkpoints using passports outfitted with contactless smart-cards"
Biometrics Takes on Physical Access
By John Moore
7 March 2005
In general, variables to consider include fast throughput, high reliability, ease of use and the cost for acquiring, installing and maintaining the technology
Network World Fusion
Government Braces for Key Security Standard
By Ellen Messmer
28 February 2005
The National Institute of Standards and Technology last week raced to meet a weekend deadline to issue a smart-card standard that will be the basis for products that give federal employees and contractors secure access to networks and buildings.
CoreStreet Releases First Responder
By Florence Olsen
22 February 2005
“CoreStreet officials say they can validate digital credentials in emergency situations in which public-safety and public health employees have no access to a secure network or database of valid credentials.”
Help Net Security
Defense Picks Two for PKI
16 February 2005
SecureID News
Common Access Card's PKI Speeds Up with Corestreet Technology
11 February 2005
CoreStreet's certificate validation technology has been selected by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for its Common Access Card (CAC) program. The new technology will significantly expedite the use of the deployed PKI for email and document signing.
Government Computer News
Defense Makes Digital Validation Apps Available
By Dawn Onley
8 February 2005
The Defense Department has rolled out two applications to validate the authenticity of digital signatures for its Common Access Card program.
Washington Technology
PKI Providers Picked by DoD
By Doug Beizer
7 February 2005
To address validation response time issues, CoreStreet introduced a new architecture called Distributed Online Certificate Status Protocol that cuts validation time to 65 milliseconds.
Mass High Tech
Presidential Directive is the Prime Mover Behind Security Convergence
By Matt Kelly
24 January 2005
"Security is no longer performed quietly in the basement of the building, now security plays an instrumental role in compliance with regulations, protection of personal information, and enabling many business processes."
Detroit News Online
Some CEOs Surf Web to See How They're Being Portrayed
By Del Jones
4 January 2005

Media Coverage from 2004

USA Today
Some CEOs Surf Web To See How They're Being Portrayed
By Del Jones
28 December 2004
Contactless News
Year Of Convergence In '05 As Smart Cards And Secure ID Systems Unite It And Physical Security
23 December 2004
CoreStreet president's security predictions for 2005
What's Phishing? How to be Safe?
20 December 2004
Two Converging Worlds: Cyber and Physical Security
By Dibya Sarkar
13 December 2004
Not long ago, government agencies and other organizations had two sets of security guards: one group protecting buildings, offices, labs and other physical structures; the other monitoring networks for hackers and other cybercriminals. But that's changing.
Buildings Magazine
Top 100 Products Editors' Choice 2004 [pdf]
4 December 2004
CoreStreet's KeyFastT technology meets enterprise needs for physical and logical access to provide the highest possible security from door to device to desktop.
The Economist
Security Through Viral Propagation
2 December 2004
The idea is that the same computer database that gives employees of a firm or government access privileges online also opens (or closes) doors for them. The twist, however, is that the doors need not have a permanent, hard-wired connection to the central computer.
SecureID News
Open Security Exchange Announces New Board
2 December 2004
CoreStreet named to Open Security Exchange board.
Toolbox: Of Padlocks and Passwords
1 December 2004
This fall, CoreStreet and Swedish lock maker Assa Abloy announced a most interesting twist on access management, which the two companies tout as "the world's first disconnected intelligent door locks."
At C-Level - CoreStreet & ASSA ABLOY
15 November 2004
The partnership between ASSA ABLOY and CoreStreet takes the best of the identity management worlds and merges it with the best in the physical locking world. This will allow us to produce products that would provide the U.S. Government and others the ability to secure many more things than they would have in the past.
The Industry Standard
Online Identity Theft: Many Medicines, No Cure
By Paul Roberts
2 November 2004
As the incidence of online identity theft has steadily climbed in recent months, banks and online retailers have struggled to stay on top of the problem and to protect their customers, whose personal financial information and online account details are coveted by criminals.
SecureID News
CoreStreet, ASSA ABLOY Show Off World's First Disconnected, Intelligent Locks
11 October 2004
The new, intelligent locks cost-effectively extend the reach of existing security infrastructures.
CoreStreet, ASSA ABLOY Show Off World's First Disconnected, Intelligent Locks
11 October 2004
Lehman Brothers
Security Industry Annual Report
7 October 2004
"CoreStreet is a leading provider of products and solutions for identity management and access control, involving control of physical and logical access to buildings, computer networks, applications and devices."
Smart Door Lock Announced
4 October 2004
The technology will help companies use a single digital credential to secure both logical and physical access.
Assa Abloy, CoreStreet Release 'Intelligent' Locks
By Paul Roberts
29 September 2004
The technology will help companies use a single digital credential to secure both logical and physical access, even for remote facilities with no connection to an organization's main network.
Mass High Tech
Breaking Free to Help Prevent Break-Ins
By Jeff Miller
27 September 2004
The world’s leading lock maker, Sweden-based Assa Abloy, this week is launching its first door locks powered by security systems developed by CoreStreet.
Mass High Tech
CoreStreet Wins Patent For Distributed Validation Security Technology
21 September 2004
The patent covers technology that enables the validation of credentials across a distributed infrastructure.
Network World Fusion
Feds Eyeing One Access Model For All
By Ellen Messmer
20 September 2004
A mandate from President Bush has required the entire federal government to adopt common technology to be used to identify employees and contractors accessing federally controlled networks and buildings.
New Tools Fight Phishing Scams
By Tom Spring
20 September 2004
Swindlers combine spam with hoax sites to try to rip off your personal data.
Enterprise Systems
Digital Certificates Get Pentagon, Regulatory Boost
By Mathew Schwartz
8 September 2004
"Once they seemed doomed, but public key infrastructure is taking off, driven by e-commerce servers, Pentagon requirements, and government regulations."
ST & D Magazine
A Story of Multi-Technology Access Control
By Robert F. Lang
1 September 2004
“Many people abide by the axiom, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." However...we can't sit on our hands and ignore advancements in access technology.”
Fighting Phish, Fakes and Frauds
By Alice Dragoon
1 September 2004
" Companies on the front lines of the phishing wars share tactics for making their sites spoof-proof and protecting online transactions."
Computerworld Australia
CoreStreet has Identity Management Covered on a Massive Scale
By Dave Kearns
17 August 2004
"CoreStreet's answer is to improve efficiency - from 100 interactions per second up to thousands or tens of thousands."
Network World Fusion
CoreStreet Scales Digital Certificates
By Rodney Thayer
9 August 2004
"What's the point of deploying a digital certificate infrastructure if you can't readily check the status of certificates? That's where CoreStreet's Real Time Credentials comes in."
Security Director News
Defining Security: Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full?
July 2004
CoreStreet's president explains how, with the right approach, security can cease being restrictive and take on an enabling, positive role in daily life.
Buildings Magazine
Leveraging the Infrastructure
July 2004
CoreStreet's VP of Physical Security explains how convergence of logical and physical security, long considered the "holy grail" of the security industry, is now, finally, achievable.
The New Paper
SpoofStick To Fight Fake Sites
6 July 2004
Reuters UK
How To Outfox The Email Scammers
By Bernhard Warner
23 June 2004
Washington Technology
Tech Success: SRA Gets to Core of PKI Challenges
By Brad Grimes
21 June 2004
"Under a contract with the Defense Information Systems Agency, SRA launched a pilot using technology from CoreStreet Ltd. of Cambridge, Mass., to speed the process of checking common access card users against the Defense Department's certificate revocation list."
PC World
Booming Web Scam
By Steve Bass
9 June 2004
"It's a scammer's paradise out there"
Computerworld Australia
Phear of Phishing
By Deborah Radcliff
30 May 2004
Miami Herald
New Toolbar Add-On Goes Phisher Fishing
By Rebecca Rohan
15 June 2004
Louisiana Times - Picayune
Phishing for Trouble
By Allan Hoffman
9 June 2004
Washington Post
Spoofstick 1.0
By Rebecca Rohan
6 June 2004
Kansas City Star
The Phight Against Phishing
By David Hayes
1 June 2004
St. Petersburg Times
Software to Help Avoid Phishing Hooks
31 May 2004
Network World Fusion
Phear of Phishing
By Deborah Radcliff
30 May 2004
"By hijacking the trusted brands of well-known banks, online retailers and credit card companies, phishers convince up to 5% of recipients to respond to them."
Newark Star-Ledger
Phishing Grows as a Threat
30 May 2004
New York Times
Escape From the Clutches of a Counterfeit Web Site
By Chris Larson
27 May 2004
"A recent report from Gartner Research estimated that close to two million people last year may have inadvertently submitted personal information at a spoofed site."
How to Avoid the "Phish" Hook
By Amey Stone
24 May 2004
"Phishing e-mails were once almost always unprofessionally worded and the spoofed sites clearly fake, now it's pretty hard to tell."
Boston Globe
Best News in the War on Spam: Phishing
By Hiawatha Bray
24 May 2004
"Spoofstick improves your situational awareness while browsing the Web, making it easier to spot fraudulent websites"
CoreStreet's President Receives InfoWorld's Innovators 2004 Award
By John Udell
21 May 2004
"CoreStreet Targets Massively Scalable Validation"
What's Coming In U.S. Government Smart Cards
By Donald Davist
14 May 2004
"The Defense Department is using a refinement of the OCSP concept developed by U.S.-based CoreStreet Ltd. This system sends presigned responses for all the CAC certificates ever issued to servers twice each day."
Free from Fear
By Chris Lindquist
12 April 2004
"For IT pros, it's pretty easy to spot suspicious URLs and simply delete the offending messages, but the average computer user is often fooled. In the interest of community service, CoreStreet has released the SpoofStick."
Getting the Definition Right
5 April 5 2004
"Instead of thinking about security as just negative and restrictive, think of it as active and enabling. Active security is not just about stopping the bad guys; it's about making the normal lives of the good guys better"
Conference Call [Real Audio]
26 February 2004
Radio interview with CoreStreet's President . This clip requires the Real Audio Player
Mass High Tech
CoreStreet Raises $8.5 Million in B Round
By Jeff Miller
23 February 2004
"CoreStreet, the Cambridge-based security software company, closed last week on an $8.5 million B round co-led by Updata Partners and Pod Holding."
Boston Herald
CoreStreet Shows Credentials with VC Round
By Jon Chesto
23 February 2004
CoreStreet Secures POD Funding
23 February 2004
Venture Wire
CoreStreet Secures $8.5M in Series B Financing [pdf]
23 February 2004
PKI's Alive and Kicking
19 February 2004
"Once, PKI was hyped as an almost magical solution to almost every IT problem. Then reality set in." , CoreStreet's president, writes about the current state of PKI and where the technology is headed."
Network World Fusion
Let's Get Physical
By Tim Greene
12 January 2004
“IT security must include locked doors and premises protection, not just firewalls.”
Ask the Expert
January 2004
“, president of Cambridge, Mass.-based CoreStreet, answers your questions about the convergence between physical and IT security.”

Media Coverage for 2003

MIT Technology Review
Key To The Future [pdf]
December 2003
By Carolyn Heinze
", president of CoreStreet, points to the blurring line between "physical" security and IT-based systems. "You can spend a lot of money for the best IT security, but if your physical security is lacking, people can just walk in and physically steal your computers."
The Other Side of the Table
26 December 2003
By Linda Godspeed
“CoreStreet Ltd. of Cambridge was one of those rare startups that had two likely offers of venture capital from which to choose.”
Key to Safety: Steps Under Way For A Shift From Passive To Active Security
22 December 2003
“The gap between physical security and IT security will continue to narrow with systems designed to handle both.”
The 2004 Security Survivor's Guide
22 December 2003
By Mike Fratto
“CoreStreet: This company's credential-verification system is useful for both connected and disconnected electronic locks as well as for digital certificates.”
MIT Technology Review
Securities Exchange [pdf]
3 December 2003
"CoreStreet uses cryptographic technology to create a security system that permits control of access to doors and databases."
NCipher and CoreStreet Team on Crypto
2 December 2003
By Paul Roberts, IDG News Service
"Cryptographic security company nCipher is teaming up with user credentialing startup CoreStreet Ltd. to sell technology that can supply digital credentials to millions of users over computer networks and disconnected "offline" environments."
OSE Group Signs on New Members
6 November 2003
Four Organizations Implement CoreStreet Validation System
21 October 2003
“The company's technology is being used by four large organizations, including two large government agencies. One of the private companies using the system is Sweden-based security company Assa Abloy, which announced that it was developing locks that use CoreStreet's technology.”
MIT Technology Review
Digital Doorman Prototype
November 2003
“CoreStreet has developed a wireless identity verification system that stores authorization information at each lock. By eliminating wiring, the system allows you to control access to things you can't right now, including airplane cockpits and trucks transporting hazardous cargo.”
Enterprise Systems
Q&A: Securing the Door as Important as Securing the Data
8 October 2003
By Mathew Schwartz
“More organizations are tasking their chief security officers with control of (and responsibility for) securing both the electronic and physical realms.”
Permissions on the Edge
26 September 2003
By Jon Udell
“We'll always have to manage permissions centrally. But CoreStreet's method of distributing them to the edge of the network - and beyond - strikes me as an excellent way to tackle a thorny logistical problem.”
22 September 2003
By Mark Hall
“Split ID management can secure physical and virtual assets more effectively than traditional security measures...”
Mass High Tech
CoreStreet Secures Deal With No. 1 Lock-Maker
15 September 2003
By Jeff Miller
“CoreStreet Ltd., a security software company in Cambridge, has inked a deal to integrate its technology into locks made by the world's largest lock manufacturer, Assa Abloy of Sweden.”
Information Security
Product Reviews [pdf]
6 August 2003
By Mike Bobbitt
“CoreStreet's RTC VA shows impressive innovation in turning a solid, but challenging IETF OCSP draft into a scalable, real-time solution.”
Innovation World
Company Profile: CoreStreet, Ltd. [pdf]
14 July 2003
“The company raised $4 million in April and will be tripling its U.S. office space in August. CoreStreet expects to double employee headcount in the next year.”
Network Computing
Review: CoreStreet's Real Time Credentials Validation Authority
10 July 2003
By Mike Fratto
“RTCVA is a useful product for certificate validation, and the performance gains of pre-generating OCSP responses and the decreased exposure of the signing RTCVA being off-line are compelling to any organization using digital certificates.”
Boston Herald
CoreStreet Offers Avenue to Improve Office Security
19 May 2003
A "Jobfind Company Profile" by Raakhee Mirchandani
“Within the next 18 months, CoreStreet plans to hire between 18 and 22 new employees, nearly doubling its existing work force.”
Homeland Security Solutions
Airport Security: TSA Officials Use New Technology to Identify Terrorists
April 2003
By J.R. Wilson
“CoreStreet has based its system on a design principle of secure distributed validation, where the security sensitive data and trusted operations are separate from the process of delivering certificate status to relying party applications."
Boston Business Journal
CoreStreet Lands $4M VC Round
18 April 2003
By Mark Hollmer
“CoreStreet Ltd. plans to announce this Monday that the company closed its first venture capital round, attracting $4 million in investment to help fuel future growth.”
Private Equity Week
CoreStreet Verifies $4M Series A
21 April 2003
By Danielle Fugazy
Venture Wire
Authorization, Validation Firm CoreStreet Unlocks $4 Million First Round
21 April 2003
By Giselle Greenwood
Mass High Tech
CoreStreet Captures First Funding Round
21 April 2003
By Jeff Miller
The Daily Deal
Dealflow: 21 April 2003 [pdf]
21 April 2003
By George White
Mass High Tech
CoreStreet Opens The Door On Ubiquitous Security
3 March 2003
“Micali believes that the discoveries these patents cover will pave the way for a less expensive security permissions system that can be distributed over public networks and yet doesn't depend on connecting back to a central authority for approvals.”
Tech Toys Tempt Congress
13 February 2003
“CoreStreet, which already has some government commitments, pushes a system that uses mathematical proofs to code IDs. The technology can clear the ID holder for certain activities or access--such as boarding a plane or buying a gun--without requiring a real-time background check...”

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